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Welcome to

The Raven's Nest

The Raven's Nest is a family business started by Don and Beth Ravensc roft in 2010 in Littleton, CO. They moved to the  Lincoln  area in 2020 and restarted their business enjoying the small town feeling and friendly people. They are hoping soon to bring their 2 boys into the family business. Working together to help people make their space beautiful and more practical. Understanding sometimes it's the simple things like reimaging a space that people need and not just the big remodels. Although we can help with those too! Every customer we have is treated just like family!



Why Choose The Raven's Nest?

1 . We are local. We live in the community we serve

2. We're Honest. We will tell you if it doesn't work or we can't do it

3. We strive for perfection. Spending the extra time and effort to do thing right

4. We show up on time, ready to work, everytime.

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